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Friday, October 28, 2011

Best Bathroom in America?

According to a survey conducted by a restroom supply company, the Field Museum right here in Chicago has America's top bathroom.  I've never been there, however I have seen the pictures on the www-internets and I suppose that you could say that it's nice.  From the perspective of me - Hoagie The Dog - I don't think that I would categorize their's as #1.  I feel that America's Top Bathroom is right in my backyard.  Think about it (if you haven't already).  First, my bathroom is wonderfully landscaped - roses, hostas, lillies, ferns, and all kinds of other stuff to make the bathroom experience all that more scenic.  Field Museum poddy does not have that.  My bathroom has a large elm tree in the corner for shade if needed.  Field Museum poddy does not have that.  My water closet also has a grape arbor - complete with grapes and a bench.  Field Museum poddy does not have that.  The Old Man can throw a ball to me in my bathroom.  Can't do that in the Field Museum.  I have a garage attached to my bathroom.  The Field Museum parking garage is nowhere near the bathroom.  Design error on their part.

I will admit that there are two downsides to my bathroom arrangement.  #1: Privacy is a bit of an issue.  I am exposed to the gawking of family, neighbors, strangers in cars, birds and squirrels as I do my business.  It's a bit awkward, but remember, I have a grape arbor - so it's take the good with the bad.  #2: Cleanliness.  I will allow that the Field Museum poddy probably gets cleaned a bit more often than mine.  You should see my place after a melting of a major snow that has been on the ground for a while.  Not pretty.

I am hoping that next year, my bathroom will receive its proper acknowledgement among America's best and all will be right with the world of bathroom surveys.

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