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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Grooming Inequality

This dog needs to get to the groomer and get the swagger tuned up.  My fall coat has come in, and I need to get it smoothed out a bit on top, on the sides, and underneath.  One thing that I've always wondered is:  Do the humans have the same experience as I when they go for a haircut?  Do you have to stand on top of a table for your cut?  Do you get chained up by your neck on the table?  Do they use a wet-dry vac on you to clean up the hair and dry your fur?  Do they thoroughly clean the part under your tail?  I don't necessarily have a strong opposition to any of these practices as they are commonplace for my experience.  I am left to wonder, however, if I were to walk into a Mario Tricoci salon, for example - to pick up some conditioner - would I see a room full of people standing on tables, chained to poles, getting scrubbed and shaved?  Would I hear the deafening sound of 20 wet-dry vacs operating at once?  Does common modesty go completely out the window with respect to the "under the tail cleaning?"  In commercials on tv for "salon style quality" shampoos, they certainly don't seem to paint this picture of a salon as they are convincing me of the existence a better, more glamorous way for me to wash my hair at home.  My get tells me that there is some injustice here that needs to be addressed - that me and my brothers deserve a better haircutting experience.  I see an organized demonstration in my future.  The revolution starts now.


  1. You make a good point! We think we shall rebel against groomers across America too. Do you know how to form a protest?? We're with you!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  2. BOL - Mom does all our grooming at home, and while the whole under the tale inspection still happens, we get towel dried and brushed while laying on the floor!