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Hoagie The Dog
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Flash Mob Needed

In an effort to market and draw attention to my blog, it appears that I may have to engage in some gorilla marketing.  After all, gorilla make the best marketers.  Just ask any gorilla.  I have yet to hire any gorillas, and as a result, I will conduct the gorilla marketing myself - sans gorilla.  I am leaning toward organizing a flash mob, however the flash mob logistics seem intimidating.  First, I must choose a big, populated location.  This location also must have stairs from which people descend for a grand entrance approximately 25% of the way through the performance.  This rules out my backyard.  Then, I need to round up about 200 people willing to go along with my flash mobbing.  This won't be easy.  Next I must coordinate the choreography.  Obviously, I would do this myself and do not need to find and hire a professional choreographer.  Hoagie The Dog is - if nothing else - a terrific dancer.  Traditional dancing, line dancing, tango, samba, the twist, irish step dancing, break dancing, and of course - the mashed potato.  I am an expert in all of them.  Over my career, I have really enjoyed most of my experiences in choreographing huge production numbers.  I enjoy getting my choreographer outfit on, parading in front of the dancers, shouting at those out of step until it all comes together at the end and I weep in the arms of the dancers who are grateful for my tough love approach to dancing.  It's really a magical process to observe.

However, for now, I will simply continue to scribe my observations.  And if the right gorilla comes along, I may get him involved in advancing my cause.


  1. BOL - we will see if we can send some of the good folks over to you.


  2. Hiya, Sam told us about your blog. We love meeting new pals who blog.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie.

  3. Welcome - Sam sent us over - Can't wait to read your adventures.....

    The Airechicks

  4. Bwah har har!!! Great blog. We look forward to following along!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  5. Hi, great blog. I am now your newest follower! Stop by, I too just started a blog and may need to borrow your gorilla if you find one!

  6. Hi, it is nice to meet you. Sam sent us over to say hi. I am Sally Ann, a five year old welsh girl, and my brother is a 1 and half year old Eskie man. Welcome Welcome!
    Welsh Kisses and Eskie hugs

  7. Hey there Hoagie!!

    Well, we have a lack of gorillas down here in New Zealand where I live, otherwise I would offer you one.
    I only started my blog this year too, and I just kept visiting other pup's blogs - and joined up with Dogs with Blogs on Facebook - there are lots of fun pups on there. :)


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