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Friday, May 25, 2012

NATO Summit

Well, another NATO summit has come and gone and I, for one, am beat.  Three solid days of protesting is hard on this dog.  But boy oh boy did I protest some stuff.  I marched against pollution.  I marched for pollution. I protested large corporate America.  I also filled out some job applications at Boeing and JP Morgan Chase.  I attended many sit-ins - though I generally fell asleep during them.   I met a number of fine people, all passionate about their cause.  Many seem to be on the same grooming schedule as I.  I went to the Mayor's house and whizzed on his lawn - not so much as a symbolic gesture of my anarchist tone - but because I had to go and that was where I was at the moment.  I hope that I did not make a brown spot on his grass, because he seemed to have nice grass.  Most Mayors do.  You can't have some half-ass lawn if you're the mayor.  Some of the protests that I attended did get a little crowded.  I'm not sure where the next NATO summit is, but I hope that they consider a place with some more space.  Montana would be great.  We'll go up there and shake our collective fists at the mountains and peaceful beauty.

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